Dodgers raise -- and lower -- season ticket prices

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The Dodgers raised ticket prices Friday. They also lowered them.

The Dodgers put themselves in that position by raising the prices for season tickets twice last off-season. The 2015 prices, announced Friday, are higher than the ones set last fall but lower than the ones set in January, when overwhelming demand prompted the Dodgers to make additional season tickets available, at increases of up to 140% from the fall price.

David Siegel, the Dodgers' vice president of ticket sales, said the lower prices did not indicate the team had overpriced the seats last January.

"If we wanted to sell more season tickets, we could have," Siegel said.

The Dodgers capped season sales at 35,000 seats this year and plan to do so again next year. About 98% of fans renewed season seats last winter, Siegel said, and the team anticipates a similar renewal rate this winter.

The team has 900 fans on a waiting list, Siegel said.

Season prices for 2015 range from $5 a game for reserved seats near the foul pole to $120 for front-row seats on the field level.

In 28 ticket categories listed by the Dodgers, the price increased from last fall in 27 (from 5% to 29%) and decreased from last January in all 28 (from 8% to 58%). For instance, a preferred field box seat priced at $23 a game last fall and $35 last January is priced at $25 for next season. The lowest-priced seats: $5 last fall, $12 last January and $5 again next season.

"The bottom line is, we have a great product on the field, and we have a great product off the field," Siegel said. "We pride ourselves on having something for everybody. We want to remain affordable to everyone that wants season tickets."

The 2015 season price list can be found at

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