Dave Chappelle gets hit with banana peel during show; man arrested

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Comedian Dave Chappelle knows what's funny, and it's definitely not getting hit by a banana peel while on stage.

That is exactly what happened to the "Chappelle's Show" star Monday night while he was doing stand-up at the Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe, N.M.

Audience member Christian Englander, who "appeared to be highly intoxicated," threw the peel at 41-year-old Chappelle, hitting the "Half Baked" creator on his leg during his set, according to a statement by the Santa Fe Police Department.

Englander, who police say admitted to throwing the banana peel, was arrested on suspicion of battery and disorderly conduct.

Englander, 30, had eaten the banana while waiting in line for the show and held on to the peel, according to the police report.

Englander's friend was sketching pictures during the show, and when Chappelle asked him his name after complimenting the work, the man responded, "Johnny Appleseed." It said Englander told police Chappelle made racist jokes about the name, which Englander didn't appreciate, so he stood up and threw the peel, according to the report. 

During the arrest, Englander allegedly made racist comments to police about Chappelle, according to the report. Chappelle told police Englander did not seem apologetic for what he did and his actions seemed racist, according to the report. 

In an expletive-laden audio recording that appears to be in the incident's immediate aftermath, it is clear Chappelle is not happy, but he seems to play it cool and makes jokes about the situation.

Chappelle's agent declined to comment on the situation.

In 2005, Chappelle abruptly walked away from his hit Comedy Central series "Chappelle's Show." For most of the next decade, he spent much of his time tucked away with his family at their home in in rural Yellow Springs, Ohio.

In recent years, however, Chappelle has returned to the spotlight, and he's currently on tour.

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9:41 p.m.: This story has been updated with more information from police. 

This story was originally published at 8:14 p.m.

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