Are we more rude because of tech-driven narcissim?

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To the editor: Thank you, Amy Alkon, for writing such a wonderful article about rudeness in our society. ("In battle against rude people, kindness is a powerful weapon," Op-Ed, Sept. 24)

She states that blaming the modern tech world is unfair because it goes much further than that. In this current narcissistic world, where the "me" factor comes before anything else, it's hard not to assign a little blame there. With more ways to talk about ourselves — Twitter, Instagram, texting, Facebook, that old standby email and all the rest that will be coming along — rudeness is inevitable.

There will always be kind and thoughtful people, and there will always be clueless jerks outside your house talking too loud on a cellphone. It is up to each individual to decide how they choose to act and how to behave and make civilization a little more civilized for those of us who still hold out hope that it can be done.

Frances Terrell Lippman, Sherman Oaks


To the editor: Rudeness is just another manifestation of narcissism, which is a far more serious and prevalent epidemic in our society. Therefore, the concept of societies that are too big for our brains does not apply to a culture that is self-absorbed, self-indulgent and non-empathetic.

Why would narcissists be bothered with good manners and proper social behavior? After all, they feel entitled to speak loudly on their cellphones, regardless of the venue, and they will lash out angrily in response to criticism. They will cut you off on the road with their vehicles, but should you toot your horn they will assail you with expletives.

Narcissists have no concept of rudeness, for they feel entitled and exempt from wrongdoing. The world revolves around them, and their parents have inculcated this since childhood.

Giuseppe Mirelli, Los Angeles

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Are we more rude because of tech-driven narcissim?

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Are we more rude because of tech-driven narcissim?

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